About fitVPaddiction

Welcome to fitVPaddiction,Our names are Vivian and Polly (the V and P of fitVPaddiction). We met in high school and have been Besties ever since, sharing the same passion for fitness. Sports have always been a huge part of our lives and growing up we participated in many; swimming, gymnastics, running, basketball, volleyball, and even ballet just to name a few. Over the course of the years, we veered in different directions and the sports that won out finally were Volleyball for Vivian (playing now for 10 years) and Basketball for Polly (playing for 12 years).


So, we’ve both always been very active and love keeping fit. It seemed to occur as a natural development then that Fitness became a passion for us, especially since we’ve been able to build on this love for a healthy lifestyle with the knowledge and expertise gained through our formal educations (Physical Educational Sport Academy).


We are both Certified Personal Trainers and continually build on our knowledge through sports seminars, training and habitually visiting the gym.


Our purpose in starting this blog is to share with others our journey of improving our lifestyle to become more fit and healthy.


fitVPaddiction will follow our lives and how we maintain a healthy balance.


On our blog, you will find workouts, healthy recipes, and tips for keeping motivated and other relevant posts.


We live in Greece, which luckily for us, means we get a lot of sun and good weather which allows us to perform most of our workouts outdoors and often by the sea. This is something that motivates us much more than being indoors J which is not to say that we won’t have suggestions for those that aren’t as fortunate in the good weather stakes.


Fitness may be Polly’s passion but her love for good nutrition transcends that. On the flip side, food and good nutrition are Vivian’s love but Fitness is her addiction. Put all this together and you end up with a dynamic duo ready to take on all your fitness and nutrition concerns.


It’s probably a good time to mention that we are definitely not fans of fad diets, nor, do we condone starving or depriving yourself – this is no way will help you get healthy and fit. What we do believe in is eating the foods that are most healthy and nutritious for your body, sticking to organic produce as much as possible.


We will begin by being virtually ;) here to show, teach, inspire, motivate, help, and cheer you, hopefully leading to a healthier, fitter and happier YOU as we share our days and our tips for healthy living!


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Thank you so much for reading!


Also for any question dont hesitate to contact us on fitVPaddiction@gmail.com